So. 11. Aug. 2024 ab 06 Uhr



Kanonengasse 16 / Zeughaus 5 - 8004 Zürich
Artists: DJs: Saeed Ali, Patrick Ruprecht, Allysson Luis
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The Flash Official after Hour at the Streetparade is calling you again. Show the power angel in you and dance to first-class vibes as the main act at Switzerland’s leading gay and gay-friendly party. Hot people, cool drinks, world-famous DJs, a fantastic decoration and wonderful light shows and visuals are waiting for you.


DJ Saeed scene, in 2008 Saeed Ali became resident of the Spanish label SuperMartXe, With Saeed Ali’s luscious and progressive tones Saeed regularly receives rapturous applause for his sets while touring the world at club events from Shanghai to London. In 2010 Saeed became resident of SuperMartXe Amsterdam. From here Saeed’s success continued at the Circuit and XLsior Festivals in Europe. World famous events and venues have welcomed Saeed including Matinee, SuperMartXe, WE Party, Toolroom Nights,... Saeed has wowed crowds at the illustrious Gay Pride celebrations in Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and many more. Since it's launch in 2010 Saeed became resident at Russia’s most famous gay club Central Station. 2011 brings yet more for Saeed with the launch of his own brand dance music extravaganza "Alimania" hosted at the world famous Moscow club 'ICON' ex 'RAI' every month. Experienced clubbers and professional critics and colleagues agree on the reasons for Saeed’s such wide-popularity as a DJ, noting his unique ability to truly ‘feel’ the room. From 2012 he is based in Amsterdam where in less than a year he became resident of the world famous label "Rapido" for their regular events.

Allysson was born and grew up in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro he found his passion for House Music, tribal beats with Brazilian touch. With 21 years he moved to Europe, fell in love immediately with Barcelona, and decided to make his passion for music to his profession. He played in several clubs in Barcelona and discovered the international clubbing scene. As he moved to Zurich in 2017 he is very happy that he became Resident DJ at Angels Events in Zurich and looking forward to put a spell on his crowd with his energetic tribal beats.

When Patrick Ruprecht stands behind the CDJs, you can really feel how the energy spills over into the crowd, and his sets are very exclusivIn electronic music, Patrick Ruprecht from Zurich isn’t just a participant; he’s the lively heartbeat. His musical journey started with captivating drumming skills, foretelling a promising career. In Melodic Techno, Ruprecht’s signature groove shines in tracks like „Hold Me,“ „Infinity System,“ and the chart-topping „Voices in My Head,“ emotional odysseys blending sentiment with cutting-edge sounds. These anthems don’t just captivate; they dominate charts. „Voices in My Head“ reached #3 in the Beatport Charts, showcasing Ruprecht’s ability to create compelling music that resonates widely. Collaborating with Marc DePuls, Rafael Cerato, Dizharmonia, and Sasha Carassi, he expands creative boundaries and solidifies his presence. His compositions resonate on grand stages, embraced by labels like Afterlife, Radikon, and Rennaissance Records. Accolades pour in from luminaries like 19:26, Adriatique, Coeus, David Lindmer, Erly Tepshi, Jonas Saalbach, Olympe, Rebük, and the Element. Entering 2024, Ruprecht’s trajectory is meteoric. With international bookings and signed EPs, he eagerly shares unique tracks and captivating live performances. Audiences anticipate an immersive journey as Patrick Ruprecht cements his status as an emerging virtuoso in the evolving tapestry of electronic music.

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